Stephanie Pelot

Graphic Designer


A graphic designer with a wealth of experience in managing and developing visual content for print, interactive, video and web communications, I enjoy working for clients in the health and education fields as well as small businesses. I craft brand identities, publications, animations, and videos. Organizing content to create accessible and meaningful communication tools is of particular interest.

I pride myself on finding creative solutions in tight situations, for example the shortest deadlines ever; or “this has to be squeezed in”; or a vast selection of image files, all of them low-res… Projects I am most pleased with are those where the goal has been met, and met superbly, in spite of challenges. My clients appreciate my dedication, calm under pressure, and on-time delivery.

As Director of Graphic Production and Senior Graphic Designer with Folio 5 (Pentafolio Inc.), a company I founded with my partner, I am responsible for production planning, budgeting and project coordination. I enjoy strategizing, analyzing information, creating infographics and graphic elements, photo digitizing, retouching and close-cropping, page makeup, proofreading in French and English, video editing, developing forms and tables, and production of final print-ready and accessible PDF files.

I am eager to collaborate in the production or management of communications projects large or small. I offer free estimates. Let me know how I can be of assistance at: